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SERVICES: Coaching


* Individual or couple's coaching sessions: These sessions provide personalized guidance and support to address specific issues and challenges in the relationship.

* Pre-marital coaching: This service can help couples set a strong foundation for their marriage and ensure that they are well-prepared for the challenges and joys of married life.

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* Pre-marital course: A 6–8-week course to help couple prepare for marriage and really get to understanding and knowing one another.  Couples spend up to a year preparing for the wedding but not much time preparing for after marriage. 

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Equipping Resources


1. Workshops and seminars: These events provide an interactive learning experience for couples, offering practical tools and strategies for building a strong and healthy Christ centered marriage.


2. Online resources: These resources will include articles, videos, and podcasts that provide inspirational information to help couples grow in their marriage.


3. Retreats: These events provide an opportunity for couples to get away from their daily routine, focus on their relationship, and receive guidance from experienced Christian marriage coaching.


4. Books, CDs and other materials that can help couples deepen their understanding of biblical principles that apply to marriage.

All these services offered will be designed to help couples understand the biblical principles that are the foundation of a strong and healthy Christian marriage and help them apply those principles to their marriage.

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