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Our Values

We believe in the sanctity of marriage as a God-ordained institution between a man and a woman and that every couple has the potential to thrive in their relationship through the power of Christ. We are committed to providing compassionate and confidential support, rooted in biblical principles, to help couples overcome challenges and build strong, loving marriages that honor God.  

Image by Jovaughn Stephens
Value and Belief Statement

Our ministry standards are grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ, and include:

1. Providing a safe and non-judgmental space for couples to share and work through their struggles

2. Encouraging and equipping couples to grow in their understanding and application of biblical principles

3. Fostering open and honest communication, mutual respect, and forgiveness within marriages

4. Supporting couples in their journey towards becoming more Christlike, both individually and as a team through restoration and healing which God provides.

5. Providing excellence in coaching and support services through continuous learning and improvement.

6.  Equipping and transforming couples to yield to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we coach and minister their needs together as a couple


We value:

-Focusing on the Promises of God instead of the problems at hand

-Integrity in all our actions and communication

-Excellence in the services we provide

-Empowerment of couples to achieve their goals

-Biblical principles as the foundation of our coaching

-Relational health and wholeness

-Transparency and accountability


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